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The May 134 million people an the national total

Date: 2017-05-02

When China's tourism and meet a "51" holiday again, all over the country visitors such as behind the scene of the sea, the immense vitality highlights the global tourism development.Over the past three days holiday, tourism has certainly become one of the great Chinese economy.Weather sunny, rich product supply, the market order, security and public service comprehensively strengthen comprehensive influence factors, such as, people all over the country travel enthusiasm, higher number of travel and tourism, domestic tourism market supply and demand two prosperous, a booming.

Comprehensively according to the China national tourism administration, data center, the national total, every 134 million people grew by 14.4% year on year, tourism revenue reached 79.1 billion yuan, up 16.2% from a year earlier.Groups of Numbers, shows the holiday tourism strong consumption potential, reflects the strength of China's tourism development.